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The story of Israel is an amazing one, but the story of the nation of Israel is miraculous. What other

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  The Jews of Lawrence-Cedarhurst NY are no strangers when it comes to IDF support. There are tens of Lone soldiers who

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IDF Elite unit 669 was founded in 1974 following the Yom Kippur war. The unit’s original objective was to infiltrate enemy

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It is said that there are 3 things one must never talk about at a business meeting in Israel; politics,

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This post is a bit different from our regular articles and we would love to know what you think. We usually

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On Thursday, April 16th, Israel will remember the 6,000,000 Jews who were murdered, burned, gassed, shot and exterminated by the Nazi

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While Jews around the world will be sitting down for the traditional Seder (Passover meal), thousands of IDF soldiers will