The Lion’s Club Bar / Bat Mitzva

Create a living legacy in memory of Ari Fuld HY”D

This past July Ari took my family to an army base to give cold drinks, pizza, ice cream and other treats to the soldiers after training in the hot sun. Immediately, my dad and I told Ari that we wanted to do more. I was on my way to becoming a bat mitzvah and I wanted to jump into my new role with an awesome act of chesed. Ari told us about his plan to raise money for a new truck. A few days before he was murdered he made the video below.

Ari HY”D was my dad’s good friend and he had become my friend as well. He was so happy for me that I was becoming a bat mitzvah. My dad and I knew that we had to do something.  Now instead of him helping me celebrate my bat mitzvah with a cool act of chesed, we are going to do an even greater act of chesed! We are going to raise the money for the Standing Together hospitality truck as a living legacy to Ari.  We are asking everyone celebrating their bar and bat mitzvah this year to join us. I can’t wait until we are a 100 member club!  I know that we can make this happen! Please fill out the form below.

Thanks, Kaylee 

Today we at Standing Together are encouraging everyone who is celebrating their bar and bat mitzvah to join Kaylee and become part of the Lion’s club. Choose the Lion’s Club as your chesed for this year and if you already have a chesed add the Lion’s Club as well. It is that important. Here is why.

We are creating the Lion’s Club because we know that heros aren’t just born. They are children who were nurtured and educated to   give. They are people who learned to dig deep into themselves and donate their talents to make the world a better place. Ari Fuld HY’D was that person.

Ari Fuld HY”D took his love for Torah, the  people of Israel, the land of Israel and the IDF and turned his passion into an inspiration for all those whose lives he touched.

As Assistant Director of Standing Together he touched many lives, both that of the soldiers who benefited from his hard work and the donors and volunteers who joined the journey. His life exemplified chesed with pride, a great example especially for one who is becoming a bar and bat mitzvah.  

Our Sages tell us that reaching the age of Mitzvot is a significant milestone. Now when one is old enough to be counted as a responsible, contributing member of society, now is the time to mark this important transition with a special chesed (charity) project

If you have a bar / bat mitzvah coming up or know someone who does, sign up for the lion’s club on the form below.

We are called the Lion’s Club, because an “Ari” in Hebrew is a Lion.  A lion symbolizes leadership. It symbolizes a person ready to take action. Yehuda Ben Taima quoted In Shulchan Aruch HaRav states:

רץ כצבי וגבור כארי לעשות רצון אביך שבשמים

Yehudah son of Teimah says:  ” Be Bold as a leopard and and light as an eagle , swift as a deer and strong as a lion to carry out the will of your Father in heaven. ‘Bold as a leopard’ means one should not to be humiliated by people who ridicule [him]. ‘Strong as a lion’ [refers to] moral strength which is primarily in the heart, [to act] like a lion and overpower ones evil urge and rise from ones sleep before the morning light, to serve one’s Creator.

That was the way Ari lived his life and these are worthy goals for ourselves as well as our children and therefore we call our club – the Lion’s Club

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More Activities

Looking for more ways to commemorate Ari’s memory and raise money for the Standing Together IDF Hospitality Truck. Fill out the form below and share your ideas.

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