You are never too Old

Grandpa brings Pizza to the IDF

Or too Young

Bar Mitzva boy visiting the IDF with Standing Together

To show your love to the IDF

Interested in an awesome outing of giving to Israel’s heroic IDF? Standing Together invites you to join when we visit the IDF. We bring the Standing Together Hospitality Truck filled with treats around the country so that we can show IDF soldiers how much we appreciate them.

Donors and volunteers who have joined us in the field feel the excitement of giving to those who give so much. Many people have joined Standing Together to celebrate a Bar / Bat Mitzah. It is a wonderful way to teach the mitzvah of Chesed. Others have joined us as part of their vacation in Israel.  

A great opportunity for all ages

Visiting the IDF has been a wonderful opportunity for people who feel young at heart and who wisely want to engage in chesed. Please watch the video and let us know what you think! Are you ready to sign up? Contact Standing Together today

Giving snacks to the Chayalim is a wonderful way to show support. You will see the smiles on their faces and hear how wonderful it makes them feel that you care so much to come out and visit with them for the day. 

You will leave feeling that you have gained more than you have given!

Hear Standing Together’s volunteer Mrs. Linda Mann speak about her first moving visit to an army base. She spoke while on her second trip with Standing Together visiting an army base on Chanukah.

Standing Together would love to know if you can sponsor a day of treats for the Chayalim. Unfortunately there were a number of terror attacks in Israel and it is super important to Standing Together that the IDF feel our strong support. We thank all our donors and volunteers for making the extra effort during this time to join together in honor of the IDF.

If you have the opportunity to join Standing Together, please contact us and if that is not possible at this time, please donate at

Boys Visit the IDF with Standing Together
Grandpa brings Pizza to the IDF
Bar Mitzva boy visiting the IDF with Standing Together

Whether it’s hot waffles or cold ice cream, Standing Together is always there to give our IDF soldiers a warm smile and a welcome treat. Fill out the form below. Let us know when you will be available to join Standing Together on an awesome trip of giving to the IDF.

Standing Together is always looking for volunteers and supporters to help in other ways as well. Your efforts make a difference to those who make a difference in Israel. Help spread the word on social media, in your community, synogogue or school. 

Fill out the form and let us know how you want to get involved and volunteer. 

    Updated May 17, 2022