Purim and Pesach Packages

Standing Together jazzed up this year’s Purim and Pesach celebrations with the IDF.

Holiday Packages for IDF Soldiers

Standing Together values bringing the holiday celebrations to the IDF soldiers standing guard. If they cannot go home for the

Weekly Treats to IDF Soldiers

Standing Together goes out to the soldiers throughout the year. The rain, snow, heat, sand storms and terror attacks etc.

Surprise Visits after intense training

Standing Together drives, to what seems like the end of the earth, to bring treats to troops who have just

Meet David Landau

Founder of Standing Together Hi My name is David Landau. I am almost seventy two years old and not computer

Chanukah 2021 – Get Ready

Previous Next We at Standing Together go out to the soldiers all year long. But we get really excited during

Surprise Waffles

You would not believe the evening I had. It started off just after dinner. I received a phone call from

MK Yehudah Glick Endorses Standing Together

Thank you for a great year With your generous assistance the last 12 months have been filled with great strides

Why The Day After Israel Independence Day Is More Important

. Israel Independence Day Was Awesome, What about tomorrow! As every year, Standing Together was there on Israel’s Independence Day to

IDF Passover Campaign

IDF Passover Campaign The Holiday of Passover is one that symbolizes freedom for the Jewish people. Today in Israel, that freedom

Send Mishloach Manot To IDF Soldiers

  While we will be celebrating Purim with our families, hundreds of thousands of IDF soldiers will be on duty

This Is What You Can Do For 500 IDF Soldiers Who Finish a 60-Kilometer All-Night Maneuver

Standing Together has one goal and that is letting  IDF soldiers know how much people from around the world appreciate