This Is What You Can Do For 500 IDF Soldiers Who Finish a 60-Kilometer All-Night Maneuver

Standing Together has one goal and that is letting  IDF soldiers know how much people from around the world appreciate them.  Our motto is very clear; wherever IDF soldiers might be, we will be there for them!
That is why when we got a call from the IDF Border Patrol unit, it did not take us long to say YES!

Several months ago we were invited by IDF Border patrol to meet hundreds of soldiers who were returning from their last “Masa” (IDF Trek before soldiers earn their unit beret). We parked the Standing Together truck in the early morning hours in an area where the trek was supposed to end and we waited.  As the soldiers climbed up the last hill, they looked exhausted from their 10-hour trek but when they heard, saw and smelled what we had waiting for them, their tired expressions changed into ear-to-ear smiles.

Well, we just got called again and we are very excited to be meeting over 500 soldiers who will once again be finishing an all-night exercise. We will be there, with your support, with cold drinks, freshly baked pancakes, ice cream, borekas and other refreshments as well as hundreds of letters of support. We want to let these men and women know they have our support!

To cover all 500 soldiers, we need sponsors for $4,000. ($8/soldier) and how much you donate is up to you.
I hope you will join us in this small sign of appreciation towards the men and women of the IDF who are protecting Israel.

Hit the button below and join us as we support the men and women of the IDF

These heroes thank you!