About Us

Standing Together is a non-profit organization that started by sending pizzas to soldiers guarding the checkpoints. Seeing the smile on the soldier’s faces helped the volunteers of Standing Together realize the importance of keeping our soldiers happy. Standing Together then began to cater to the different needs of soldiers, sending drinks, food, clothes, undergarments, and more to our soldiers in the field.

In every season, on every holiday, at every moment, the young men and women of the Israeli Army protect the people of Israel and all those who come to visit friends, family and the country’s holy sites. Since moving to Israel over 30 years ago, Founder,  David Landau has spent countless nights delivering packages as tokens of gratitude to these young soldiers in order to make their service more pleasant. In 2003, he founded Standing Together to expand this mission and to enable others to express appreciation to these heroes throughout Israel. Funded entirely by donors from all over the world, Standing Together provides relief not only to the soldiers who serve in Israel’s armed forces, but also to Israeli citizens whose lives are under constant threat of attack. Standing Together’s mission is to enable people throughout the world to embrace the value of recognizing the good done for you and to stand together with those who dedicate their lives to ensuring Israel’s existence. This is done with a truck that pulls a trailer equipped with an oven, coffee machine and freezer, in addition a mobile cell phone charging station for those soldiers who might need it. Volunteers distribute treats to soldiers late at night in order to let the soldiers know they are not alone and forgotten.

Standing Together accomplishes its goals of minimizing costs and spending every possible dollar on achieving their mission by using a staff made up predominantly of volunteers, sending newsletters via email rather than traditional mailings and employing modern marketing strategies. New programs and initiatives are constantly being implemented by Standing Together in order to serve more soldiers, better assist the community of Sderot and increase the number of people who are able to express appreciation to those who truly deserve it.   Special Bar and Bat Mitzvah programs which are quickly becoming one of Standing Together’s more popular activities.

Standing Together is utilizing the latest trends in technology to strengthen the connection between our supporters and IDF soldiers. Using the popular social networking website Facebook, Standing Together enable peers of our soldiers to get involved and connect with the young men and women who are serving Israel. Our Facebook page is constantly changing, sending updates to thousands of people all over the world. Join Standing Together’s group on Facebook to get the latest information on their activities both inside and outside Israel. You’re invited to watch exclusive videos, interact with other supporters and share your ideas for how to help our soldiers. The computer and mobile internet service that was added to the Standing Together truck has facilitated Facebook and Skype conversations between soldiers and their families abroad in addition to allowing supporters overseas to see the soldiers they are helping

Israel’s brave soldiers are serving on checkpoints, at army bases and on Israel’s borders. Meanwhile we sit at home, sometimes not realizing that these heroes stopped near to 1,000 suicide bombers in 2009 alone.

What is Standing Together?

Standing Together is a non-profit organization dedicated to making a difference to those who make a difference in Israel.  This includes supporting Israeli soldiers on active duty and giving the worldwide community an opportunity to show our appreciation to those who protect Israel, a land that is holy to all nations.

Who funds Standing Together?

Standing Together is funded totally by donations from generous supporters throughout the world. It is a voluntary organization with no offices, almost no employees and no expense accounts.

How did Standing Together start?

Our first campaign was in the year 2004 when we began sending pizzas to soldiers guarding the checkpoints.

What has Standing Together Accomplished?

  • Donating mini-fridges and microwaves for hospital rooms of  wounded soldiers.
  • Presented wounded soldiers with personalized bathrobes.
  • Rosh Hashanah Greeting Cards via Email so that thousands of people all over the world can participate
  • Mobile cell phone charging unit.
  • Treats and pizza pies for soldiers at the front.
  • Underwear and toiletries for soldiers during the 2006 Second Lebanon War and the 2009 Operation Cast Lead in Gaza.
  • Warm clothes for hundreds of soldiers serving on our borders in the winter.
  • Independence Day barbecues at army bases and checkpoints.
  • National Donut Week Chanukah Parties at Army Bases.
  • Challot from Sderot.
  • Mishloach Manot Purim Packages.
  • Ice Cream Days in the Summer.
  • A special CD recording of the priestly blessings was distributed to soldiers to give them spiritual strength.

Our History

The summer of 2006 left Israel hurt and vulnerable. Our soldiers are happy to be home, but many have a long way to recover from this war. Standing Together found ways to try and make their days easier for them while they fight their battle of recuperation. These projects included funding mini-fridges and microwaves for hospital rooms, and presenting  wounded soldiers with personalized bathrobes.