Meet David Landau

Founder of Standing Together

David Landau

Hi My name is David Landau. I am almost seventy two years old and not computer savvy. I started Standing Together more than twenty years ago. In my travels along the roads of Yehuda and Shomron, I saw young men and women in the IDF guarding and patrolling. I felt the need to show my gratitude to them so late one night I bought some pizza and soda and drove to Rachel’s Tomb in Bet Lechem. I knew that there was a continuous presence of our soldiers on guard duty there. I pulled up to the first soldier and gave him the treats. He asked me who I was, what I was doing there, who sent me and how much does this cost. My answer surprised him when I said that I just wanted to thank him for what he was doing. I was on a “high” and the rest is history.

I purchased a small trailer, then a bigger one, and then an even bigger one to distribute treats to as many soldiers as possible. Twenty years later we now have a state of the art hospitality truck driven and managed by my son, Rami. The truck contains ovens, freezers and a popcorn machine. We are able to service over 1000 soldiers each trip. We have come a long way since that first night.

Many of our young volunteers told me the impact that social media has with the ability to reach so many people.

We need your help to spread the word in order to keep the hospitality food truck running on a daily basis. Our overhead is minimal with no salaries or office space.

CAN YOU HELP? Donations, volunteering, ideas and spreading the word? Write to us with your suggestions.

We would love your help! Share this article and if possible donate directly from our site by clicking here. You can also now donate when you make your purchases using amazon smile – click on this link and a percentage from your eligible purchases will go to Standing Together. 

Please help us visit and bring treats to the IDF Soldiers in the field.

Let us all join forces to show our appreciation and love for our modern day Maccabees.

David Landau
of Standing Together

November 18, 2021