An Inside Look At How IDF Deals With Tunnels and Mines

The IDF units that train to detect and destroy Hamas terror tunnels are not designed for anyone with claustrophobia. Since Israel’s Gaza withdrawal in 2005, Hamas has dug and built an underground terror infrastructure that is designed to wreak havoc across the Southern border.

A Palestinian fighter from the Izz el-Deen al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of the Hamas movement, gestures inside an underground tunnel in Gaza August 18, 2014.  REUTERS/Mohammed Salem

The U.N. and Geneva convention laws have no importance to Israel’s enemies. Not only do our enemies not worry about the rules of engagement, they have never been blamed for breaking them. While Hamas aim their missiles at Israeli civilian populations and have their tunnel exits at the doors of Jewish towns, Israel is constantly developing new ways to fight this terror and invests hundreds of millions of dollars in systems that will keep civilians safe.

In an attempt to minimize civilian casualties, even of our enemies, we cannot fully rely on machines and computers and that is where the special IDF tunnel units and training comes in. Here is a little peek into the units that are preparing and training to make sure terrorist organizations like Hamas do not succeed in their attempt to murder.

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