IDF Soldier + GoPro + Tank = This Awesome Result

Hananya Naftali seems to like his GoPro but when he took it onto his IDF army base he produced a video that will have you on the edge of your seat!

This is what it looks like through a tanker’s eyes!


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Standing Together’s IDF Water Pack Campaign!

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The summer in Israel has hit and it is HOT!
Temperatures have already soared over 100 degrees and we recently launched our annual IDF summer campaigns to help keep soldiers fully active even under the scorching sun and make their lives a little easier. Each soldier is issued 2 IDF plastic canteens and each holds just under a liter of water. Due to the canteens’ plastic material, water that is stored does not retain its cool temperature and has an aftertaste that is a little less than appealing.
We have thousands of soldiers that we plan on supplying operational water pack carriers to. These packs are insulated which keep the water fresh and cool and allow soldiers to drink while on the move. We need your help to reach as many soldiers as possible so please take a second,  fill out the form below and help us support the men and women of the IDF who are on the front lines protecting Israel.