Send A Rosh Hashanah Card To IDF Soldiers

rosh hashanah idf

Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, is filled with hope and prayers for a sweet, happy and safe year to come. Those prayers mean more to IDF soldiers than they do to most people, as they risk their own lives while they stand guard and protect Israel from any and all threats. While many of us will be home with our families dipping apples in honey, many of the men and women of the IDF will be on duty and will spend their High Holidays in uniform and on base.

Send IDF soldiers a Rosh Hashanah card with a personal message and we will make sure they get it in time, so that they know people around the world are thinking of them and praying for them.

Help us get as many cards out to as many soldiers as we can by sharing this opportunity with your friends and family. The cards don’t cost a penny but the smiles they bring to IDF soldiers’ faces are priceless!

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Help IDF soldiers celebrate Rosh Hashanah