The Standing Together Story [VIDEO]

Behind every organization there is a story. When it comes to my involvement with Standing Together, it is much more

Here Is The IDF Video Everyone Needs To See

For those of you who understand the return of the Jewish nation to  the Land of Israel is nothing less than a

A Beautiful Video Of IDF Support

The men and women of the IDF are always on duty and always ready to put their lives on the

This Video Will Give You An Inside Look At IDF Training

Israel, a country smaller than NJ, has enemies that both outnumber and out-weapon her and is constantly under threat of attack.

A Video Of IDF Supporters That Will Put A HUGE Smile On Your Face

By:  Ari Fuld On Tuesday, January 20th, two full buses of students from the United States came out with Standing

Check Out These 4-Legged Heroes Of The IDF! Move Over Scooby Doo!

Anyone who has served in any military knows the important role man’s best friends play.  Whether it is taking down

What We’re Up Against

WARNING! DISTURBING CONTENT This is a video of a failed kidnapping attempt at an IDF watchtower along the Gaza border.

Rachel Frankel Speaks to the UNHRC

Please help us in our campaign to help the soldiers who are working around the clock to find Eyal, Gilad