This Video Will Give You An Inside Look At IDF Training

Israel, a country smaller than NJ, has enemies that both outnumber and out-weapon her and is constantly under threat of attack.  While many of Israel’s enemies have clearly stated their intention to wipe Israel off the map, Israel has never had such an intention and wishes only to live in peace and security.  The fact of the matter is, Israel has never started or wanted a war.  Israel’s actions have always come in response to terrorist activities or missile attacks on civilian populations in Israel.  That is why, unlike our enemies, our military is called Israeli DEFENSE Force.

The only time Israel’s enemies take into account the UN or Geneva Convention is when they are complaining about Israel’s response to their own terrorism.  While Hamas screams ‘victim’ as they complain about the unfortunate number of civilian casualties in Gaza, they forget to mention that the civilian casualties are a result of Israel taking out Hamas missile launchers that were intentionally placed in populated civilian areas.  While Israel does everything in it’s power to protect innocent civilians, Hamas intentionally aims and fires their missiles at civilian populations and cities in Israel and from civilian populated areas in Gaza.

Israeli Air-force Calling Off Airstrikes In Gaza Due To Civilians In The Vicinity Of  The Target

Were civilians killed in Gaza?  Unfortunately yes, but their deaths or injuries were due to the fact that Hamas fired missiles from schools, hospitals and populated areas in Gaza and the IDF had to stop the missile barrage on Israeli cities.

IDF is so concerned with keeping innocent civilians from being hurt or killed, they have built a full scale Arab village in one of the biggest IDF bases in the Southern Israel.  This makeshift Arab village was designed to give IDF soldiers a real feel for urban warfare and at the same time train them to separate innocent bystanders from terrorists.  Targets sometimes have pictures of Arabs on them, some with weapons and others with nothing more than a mobile phone.  It is the soldier’s responsibility that none of the innocent targets are hit and only those with weapons are taken out.  Any soldier who is incapable of keeping the “clean” targets unharmed will be asked to leave the unit.


More IDF Urban Warfare Training Drills

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