Check Out These 4-Legged Heroes Of The IDF! Move Over Scooby Doo!

Anyone who has served in any military knows the important role man’s best friends play.  Whether it is taking down terrorists, search and rescue or identifying explosive devices, these very loyal canines can be relied upon at any time to get the job done and they save lives.

The IDF has one of  the best canine units in the world and it is called “OKETZ”.
The unit’s name “Oketz” means STING OPERATION and these soldiers and their dogs are involved in every sting operation Israel has ever carried out!




Besides the dog training, soldiers who draft into the “Oketz” unit go through regular basic infantry training and then are sent off for four months of intense training, specializing in four combat areas: Urban warfare, paratroopers course, navigation and anti-terror combat.  The men and women serving in Oketz must be trained in everything since they work with every single elite unit in the IDF.

I have had the honor to work with several Oketz soldiers as my paratroopers’ unit was involved in several sting operations and terrorist stakeouts.  I can tell you firsthand that the trained dogs from the Oketz unit save lives!

Here is a little sneak peek into what these soldiers and their four-legged heroes are capable of doing!

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