A Beautiful Video Of IDF Support

The men and women of the IDF are always on duty and always ready to put their lives on the line to protect the State of Israel. We at Standing Together understand the importance of the State of Israel for Jews around the globe. That is exactly why our IDF support program for  people who come to Israel for a visit is all about building bridges. While most people coming from the US, AU or the UK cannot really understand what soldiers in the IDF go through every day, it is clear that they feel a tremendous connection as well as a desire to say thank you to IDF soldiers for doing their job.

The way it works is very simple. We get a call from a family who is planning a trip to Israel and who showed interest in doing something special for IDF soldiers. We set them up with our online crowd funding campaign platform so that they can raise money for their project. Once in Israel, we take them out to an IDF base where they choose from several options that include sponsoring:

  • A platoon BBQ for soldiers who just came back from operations or training.
  • Operational Winter gear packs for an entire platoon
  • tactical gear for elite units
  • Water packs and under armor clothing for the summer months
  • Utility backpacks for an entire unit
  • a combination of any of the options above.

How awesome is a night out with the IDF?
Watch this video of the May family who came all the way  from Riverdale NY to show their support for IDF soldiers who are on guard 24/7!

You are not planning a trip to Israel in the near future?
You can still help out without leaving your computer chair.
join the Standing Together Passover campaign by clicking the support badge below!

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IDF Soldiers are always on guard protecting Israel from any and all threats. They put their lives on the line and saying thank you is the least we can do. Join Standing Together in showing IDF soldiers we care and appreciate everything they do to defend Israel. Join us on one of our IDF support campaigns by clicking on the Donate button. Every contribution helps us support IDF soldiers on the front lines!



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