Let’s Make Purim Special For Our Soldiers

Unlike the rest of the world, Purim is a significant holiday in Israel.  Stores all over the country sell Mishloach Manot packages, masks, costumes, treats, and hamentashen.  Schools are closed and there is a festive atmosphere in the air.  Like other holidays, IDF soldiers who are on duty are barely aware of the occurrence of the holiday.  They are given the opportunity to fulfill the laws of the day but the celebration is limited.  The soldiers work hard and it is business as usual.

For several days before Purim, Standing Together aims to give the soldiers a little bit of the feeling of home and the festivities they are missing. We bring treats and smiles to as many soldiers as possible. We are planning on making the day special for at least 900 soldiers on duty in the Chevron area with the help of donations from all over the world.

Standing Together invites you to participate in three good deeds at once by contributing to our Mishloach Manot campaign.  Our packages will be purchased from and packed by a day-care facility for mentally challenged adults, giving them a sense of purpose and accomplishment.  Your charitable donation is being used to show our soldiers you appreciate the job they do on your behalf.  A win-win-win situation for all.  Let’s make this year’s campaign the most successful yet.