Here Is What It Looks Like When An Amazing US Family Meets Amazing IDF Soldiers

Several weeks ago Debra May from Riverdale, NY, gave us a call at Standing Together and asked if she can sponsor one of our BBQs for IDF soldiers. It didn’t take too long till Debra and her son Ben were in Israel traveling in the Standing Together jeep on their way to an IDF base.


It was clear from the drive over that neither Debra nor her son had any idea for what they were in for, but as soon as we drove up to the IDF base, their faces lit up as they saw soldiers coming back from operations and those who were leaving. What seemed to them to be a nice gesture towards IDF soldiers turned into a very personal and moving experience. It only took a couple of moments till Debra and Ben realized they were not coming to support Israeli IDF soldiers, but rather they were supporting their own family. Every soldier in uniform that passed by thanked Debra and Ben while Debra and Ben were thanking the soldiers. It was as if every soldier became a son to Debra and a brother to Ben. Although the unit we went to visit are deploying to the North of Israel next week and will get very good use out of the winter gloves that Debra and Ben gave out, the mutual caring and bridge that was built between a family that came from 6,000 miles away and IDF soldiers was absolutely beautiful to see.

They say a a picture is worth a thousand words so I will let the videos and pictures do all the talking of an amazing evening with the IDF.

2015-02-10 20.00.49
Didn’t take long till Debra and her son Ben manned the Standing Together grill with the two Hubscher girls who came along to join the fun
2015-02-10 20.00.58
Turns out Ben is quite the chef as his mom looks on proudly.
2015-02-10 20.01.18
Ben hard at work before the troops arrive

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IDF troops start lining up for Ben's specialty BBQ! Can you tell they're happy?
IDF soldiers start lining up, can you tell they’re happy?
2015-02-10 20.34.57
The smiles tell the entire story!

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2015-02-10 20.30.53
A soldier saying thank you! “nice to know people from so far a way care”

You thought the pictures were great, watch the video!

The soldiers were not the only ones having an amazing time!

After the guys got their food we all went inside and while the soldiers were munching down on their hot dogs, we had two more surprises for them. This unit is being deployed next week to the North of Israel where the winter has hit the hardest and the coldest so we decided to supply them with operational winter gloves that will keep them warm and effective even under the coldest conditions.

The evening was a fantastic night of unity and support!
The soldiers had a great time and felt great knowing there are people across the globe who care and have their backs.
The May family had an experience they will not be forgetting for a very long time!

If you’re planning a trip to Israel and want to meet the men and women who are protecting Israel, come over to Standing Together and let’s set it up!

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