Here Are 5 Things You Can Do For IDF Soldiers Right NOW!

By:  Ari Fuld

Working for something you believe in is both a blessing and a curse.  On the one hand you get up in the morning and go to work with a huge smile knowing you are doing something for the greater good. In my case, it is not only about the greater good, but it is also knowing that you are helping, supporting and giving strength to IDF soldiers who are always on duty, ready to protect Israel at any cost.  I can honestly say there is no better feeling in the world than seeing the faces of IDF soldiers light up when the Standing Together truck pulls up to their base.


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So where is the curse?  Because I am an active IDF reserves soldier, I know what it is like to be missing winter gear and I get emotionally involved in what I am doing.  Why is that a bad thing you ask?  Sleep is not in the equation as long as I know there are soldiers whose officers called us and have yet to receive winter gear because we haven’t found sponsors.

I have been posting on Facebook and Twitter, as well as sending out emails in order to find sponsors needed for the different winter campaigns we are running to keep IDF soldiers warm.  So far, the response has been great, but we have been getting non-stop emails and phone calls from many different IDF units who have requested winter gear and clothing and we still have over 2,000 more soldiers who require winter gear.


Here are five IDF campaigns you can help sponsor right NOW


1. Full IDF Operational Winter Gear Packs

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These packs include a weather and waterproof jacket, a face mask to protect them from wind and snow, operational gloves with a retractable trigger-finger for shooting, under armor thermal pants and shirt and thermal hats.  Each pack cost $100 and every unit has between 100-130 soldiers.  You can sponsor as many packs as you like, or take on the entire unit, but please help us keep IDF soldiers warm while they protect Israel.

GOLD   Full IDF Winter Pack Sponsor



Sponsor the cost of 20 packs and receive an official IDF jacket with a units emblem on it!


2. Weather and Waterproof IDF Jacket Campaign

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 5.30.15 PMThe Standing Together jackets are both warm and waterproof.  The inner lining is fleece while the external side of the jacket is made of special waterproof material.  These jackets are a favorite with infantry units who spend most of their time outdoors.  The cost of a jacket is $60 per soldier and we have requests for over 1,000 of these jackets from different units.

Don’t forget to specify on the donations page:  For Winter Jackets

SILVER   Waterproof Jacket Sponsor


silver donate

Sponsor the cost of 40 jackets and receive an official IDF jacket with a units emblem on it!


3. Protective IDF Face Mask Campaign

BlogcoverSeveral units have requested only the full face mask to protect themselves from wind and snow.  We have 2,500 (!!!)  soldiers from several different units who have requested the Standing Together protective face mask. Each mask cost $10.  To sponsor a complete unit of 120 soldiers the cost would be $1,200.
Please do what you can so we can help these guys protect themselves from the harsh weather conditions in Northern Israel.

Don’t forget to specify on the donations page:  For Face Masks 

BRONZE   Face Mask Sponsor


bronze donate

Sponsor an entire unit and receive an official IDF face mask with the units emblem on it!


4. IDF Tactical Winter Gloves Campaign

Winter gear can be tricScreen Shot 2015-01-15 at 5.25.55 PMky in the IDF.  Keeping warm is one thing but being able to operate and fight if needed while wearing winter gear can sometimes reduce the effectiveness of the soldier.  The Standing Together tactical gloves are made of fleece but have a retracting trigger-finger so that they may be worn even during operations.  Each pair of gloves cost $5 and we have literally thousands that we have to distribute.  To sponsor an entire unit (120 IDF soldiers) would cost only $600!

Don’t forget to specify on the donation page:  For Winter Gloves


 Tactical Winter Gloves Campaign



Sponsor gloves for an entire unit and receive a pair with the Standing Together emblem!


5. IDF Gloves & Mask Campaign

Many units have informed us that they already have fleeces to keep them warm but need the tactical gloves and protective face masks.  Together it would cost $15 per soldier and to sponsor an entire unit would cost $1800.

Don’t forget to specify on the donation page:  For Gloves + Mask Campaign

IDF Tactical Gloves + Face Mask Campaign


Sponsor the cost of 70 pairs and receive a pair of IDF tactical gloves + a face mask!

You want to see what your support means to the soldiers who are on the front lines protecting Israel?

Listen to this IDF combat medic who received winter gear that was sponsored by people like yourself.


Leave a message for soldiers in the form below – we will deliver it directly to the guys in the field when we distribute the winter gear.