Yeshivah Of Flatbush Teams Up With IDF For An Awesome Evening Of Support

It is very well known that the Yeshivah Of Flatbush’s student body is fluent in Hebrew.  Besides being one of the leading Jewish high schools in the NY area, Flatbush has been known for their very personal connection to Israel and specifically with the IDF.  We at Standing Together believe our strength is in our unity and as the Flatbush principal and Rabbi, Rabbi Bessler, stood in front of his student body who locked arms with IDF soldiers, it became perfectly clear just how strong we are!




Around a hundred students from the Yeshivah of Flatbush spent a week in Israel for one simple goal; to show their support for the people of Israel.  Two full buses of excited teenagers arrived at Machane Ofer and within minutes it looked more like a family reunion than a bunch of students from NY visiting an IDF base.  Some of the Flatbush staff and student body manned the grill and prepared hundreds of hot dogs, chicken steaks and hamburgers for IDF soldiers.  Others danced to the rocking music while many students decided to have a talk with soldiers and to tell them just how much they appreciate their service.  Besides distributing the winter gear, these students raised money for IDF soldiers and received a very warm sign of appreciation.  As the music got louder, soldiers and students put their arms around each other and…well just watch!



It was towards the end of the evening when things REALLY went off the charts as students and soldiers sang “Hatikvah” together.  This is unity, this is our strength!



The Yeshivah of Flatbush raised funds for this amazing outing and for hundreds of winter clothing items that they distributed to the soldiers.  Standing Together has given out thousands of winter gear packs and we still have thousands of IDF soldiers to get to.  If you too want to get involved and show your support for IDF soldiers who are serving in freezing weather, hit the donate button below and sponsor a soldier or an entire unit.

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