11 IDF Pictures That Will Make Your Day. (Especially #10)

By:  Ari Fuld

I am not sure what America, the UK or France looked like 66 years after they were founded, but I do know there is no other country in the world that has contributed as much as Israel has in only 66 years. How anyone witnesses the land of Israel blooming as well as the nation of Israel blossoming and not understand that there is something amazing happening here, is beyond me.

I am a religious Jew living in Israel and every time I read about Israel’s victories over numerous Arab countries who have tried to destroy us time and time again, it becomes perfectly clear that God is watching over the State of Israel.

Let there be no mistake – IDF soldiers are standing guard and putting their lives on the line to protect and defend Israel against our many enemies.  As an active IDF reserves soldier in a paratroopers unit, there are so many moments in the army that I would love to share with everyone, but it would be impossible to describe them all in words.

Here are 10 IDF pictures that I thought would best represent what the IDF stands for.

Let me know in the comments below which one was your favorite.

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1.  Chief IDF Rabbi, Shlomo Goren, Sounding The Shofar As IDF Liberated Jerusalem.


2.  Religious Or Not, We Are All Connected.

idf torah


3.  The Perfect Combo! Land Of Israel, People Of Israel and Torah Of Israel!

IDF phone


4.  IDF Morality, Like No Other In The World!

idf helping arab


5.  IDF Soldiers Then and Now!  When We Were Free To Pray In Jerusalem!

Kotel 1967


6.  Coming Home From War.  They Tried To Destroy Us, They Lost!



7.  Israel Will Be Like The Sand, Which Cannot Be Measured Or Counted.



8.  IDF Soldiers from the Matcal unit. Front and center is Yoni Netanyahu who commanded the legendary Entebbe Rescue Mission. Yoni  Netanyahu (The Prime Minister’s Brother) Was Killed During The Heroic Operation.



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9.  IDF At The Gates Of Auschwitz.  NEVER AGAIN!!

idf aushc


10.  Guns and Roses!



11.  The Arab Druze Unit In The IDF!  Best Trackers In The World!



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