Send Your Personal Passover Wishes To IDF Soldiers

While Jews around the world will be sitting down for the traditional Seder (Passover meal), thousands of IDF soldiers will be on duty protecting
Israel. Standing Together wanted to show Israel’s heroes that people around the world are not only thinking about them, but appreciate and thank them for their personal sacrifice to keep Israel safe.

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Take a minute and send your personal message to an IDF soldier. Let them know that during this Passover holiday you’re thinking of them.

If you want to show your support on a more practical level,
join the Standing Together Passover campaign by clicking the support badge below!

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Help us support IDF soldiers whose families are in need of financial assistance.
We are sending over 1,000 Passover gift packages to IDF soldiers and their families.
Send your Passover gift by clicking on the soldiers below.

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Support The IDF
Wherever They Are With Whatever They Need!