2016 Passover Campaign

idf passover

The Standing Together Passover IDF Campaign is one of the most important IDF support campaigns we have ever done.

Most soldiers can’t wait for a leave when they get to go home, sleep in a comfortable bed and eat home cooked meals while enjoying some quality family time. There are other soldiers who actually dread the end of the week. As long as they are on the base, they are not a financial burden on their families and as long as they are wearing their uniform, they get to forget about their family’s financial difficulties and feel at ease. As if the stress of life threatening situations in the IDF is not enough, these soldiers are fighting emotional stress on two fronts and we have decided, with your help,  to give them some relief.

Together with IDF social workers, Standing Together is adopting at least 1,000 IDF soldiers for Passover. We will be sending packages with food and goods to families of IDF soldiers who are in need of financial assistance. We want soldiers to come home for the holiday and enjoy their family and the Passover holiday without worry. Each Passover package will have the essentials for the Passover holiday as well as some extras to help put  smiles on the soldier’s face and help his family celebrate Passover as it was meant to be celebrated.

Each package costs only $30 and we have at least 1,000 IDF families who need these packages. 
This is one opportunity that no one who cares for Israel should miss.
Let’s help IDF soldiers have a very happy Passover!

There are less than 3 weeks till Passover, help us make their Passover holiday a happy one!

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