Here Is Why It Is Still Important To Remember The Holocaust?

On Thursday, April 16th, Israel will remember the 6,000,000 Jews who were murdered, burned, gassed, shot and exterminated by the Nazi regime. There are some who say it’s time to forget and move on, but for us, there is no forgetting and moving on is all about remembering.

Watch as Israel’s main highway comes to a complete stop on Holocaust Remembrance Day in Israel

There were tens of millions of others, besides Jews, who were murdered by the Nazis and millions more who suffered under Hitler’s reign, so what it is that we, the Jewish people, are remembering?

The atrocities that Hitler and his originally democratic elected government carried out against the Jews became known as the Holocaust. We do not need a special day to honor and remember Jews who were murdered, their memory and legacy will live on even if we did not have a special remembrance day.
When we remember the Holocaust, we are not honoring the dead, we are guaranteeing life!

To remember the Holocaust is to learn the lessons of the past in order to secure our future. Theodore Hertzl understood the importance of a homeland for the Jews long before Hitler came to power and with the current wave of anti-semitism that has once again shown its ugly face throughout Europe, Israel has never been more important or relevant.
Israel is not around because of the anti-semitism, Israel is around despite anti-semitism.
Israel was not created because of the Holocaust, the Holocaust happened because there was no Israel!


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As Hitler came to power in 1933 the world was silent. As anti Jewish laws were being implemented throughout Germany, the world was silent. As the Nazi regime stomped across Europe, murdering anyone who opposed their bigoted ideology, the world was silent. As Jews marched to the gas chambers and where transported like cattle to concentration camps, the world was silent. There was no country that stood up for the Jews in the international community and only when it was politically comfortable, did some of the countries react to the smoke stacks that sent the burning Jewish souls up to heaven.

Some world leaders did in fact react to Hitler’s genocide of Jews, but the reaction was not condemnation but rather signed treaties with the Nazi regime. In the name of world peace, Chamberlin signed a treaty with Hitler and instead of bombing him to destruction, Chamberlin gave Hitler international recognition.


“We regard the agreement signed last night and the Anglo-German Naval Agreement as symbolic of the desire of our two peoples never to go to war with one another again”
Neville Chamberlain after signing the Munich agreement with Hitler

The world was too busy with politics to deal with Jews being slaughtered and we will never allow that to happen again.
Never again will we pick up our hands in despair while we wait for the politicians of the world to decide if it is good diplomacy to stop making deals and start bombing those who seek to destroy us.

never again

The world has certainly changed over the past 70 years and so have we. We have built a State and have come home from a 2,000 year exile. We have excelled in all areas including technology, security, medical breakthroughs and more. We have flown across the world to help others and to save lives, we have developed weapons that were designed to minimize casualtiess and we have worked our fingers to the bone in order to develop a country that stood mostly barren for centuries. More important than all the accomplishments above, we have come out of the ashes of the Holocaust and have decided that NEVER AGAIN will we be at the mercy of the world.

American war planes flew over the tracks that led millions of Jews to their death and it simply was not politically ‘worth it’ for the United States to bomb them. Diplomacy was more important than Jews being gassed.
Dear world, we will no longer wait for your planes to save us, we now have our own.

Israeli Air Force Flyover Auschwitz


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