Keeping IDF Soldiers Cool

IMG-20140714-WA0043As the thermometers go above 100°F here in Israel, we watch with sympathy as our soldiers do guard duty in full gear.  We pass through the checkpoints, enter our Holy sites, drive past soldiers walking around on patrol and we know that they are hot, sweaty and thirsty.  These are only the soldiers we see as we drive by in air conditioned cars or walk by on our way to air conditioned destinations.  The soldiers we don’t see are doing maneuvers, practicing their shooting, checking our borders and staying hidden as they prepare to catch potential terrorists or other enemies.  The soldiers we don’t see daily are carrying even heavier gear, and are further away from places where they have access to cold water and air conditioning.   Standing Together is excited to be providing hundreds of these soldiers with insulated water carriers which will allow them to keep their water cold and enable them to drink as they walk.  How many we provide is up to you.

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