Here Is The IDF Story You Should Be A Part Of

It is difficult if not impossible for an IDF soldier to explain to outsiders what it’s like putting on a uniform. The emotions that are a combination of pride, happiness, fear and courage make no sense to someone who has never worn the IDF uniform.
Then along comes a video like the one below that perfectly demonstrates all the emotions we, as soldiers of the IDF, feel.

If this video gave you the same emotional pinch as it did me, then you understand why we do what we do at Standing Together. IDF soldiers are Israel’s heroes and we want to support them in any way we can. We have recently launched two campaigns to make the lives of IDF soldiers just a little bit easier and to show them they have support from all over the world.

IDF soldiers put their lives on the line to protect Israel, this is the least we can do to say thank you!

1. Operational Camelback Water Pack

The summercanteen1 months in Israel are scorchingly hot and IDF soldiers are commanded to carry around a sufficient amount of water. The IDF supplies two plastic water canteens that hold under a liter of water each. Due to their plastic material the water’s cool temperature usually lasts about 30 minutes under the hot sun and the taste of the water is less than appealing.

These canteens are stored on the sides of every IDF combat vest. In order to drink, soldiers must stop, extract the canteens from their pockets and return them when they are done.When drinking from traditional canteens, everyone must stop what they are doing to get the canteen out of their vests and hold their positions until they put the canteens safely back in the vest. This not only wastes time, it also puts soldiers at risk.


waterpack uprightThese water packs, known to Israeli soldiers as “Shlukers”, fit easily into the back pouch of any IDF combat vest. These water packs are insulated and keep water cool and fresh even under the hottest summer conditions.

What’s more important is the fact that these water packs allow soldiers to drink while mobile.
No need to stand around fumbling with the combat vest to get the canteens out.
In life and death situations, every second can make a difference.
Each water pack can carry up to 3 liters and soldiers can drink without having to stop their patrols, operations or training.

We are delivering water packs to as many IDF active units as possible.
These water packs are not only insulated, which keeps the water cool and fresh, they are easily accessible while allowing soldiers to remain mobile. These packs fit into the back pouch of any IDF combat vest and can carry up to 3 liters.


IDF Soldiers Downing Water To Keep Hydrated. CLICK on them to sponsor Water packs

Our initial goal is to cover at least 4 IDF elite units. Each unit consists of between 100-120 soldiers. Each Water Pack costs only $30 and we need your help to supply these to as many soldiers as possible. You can sponsor 1, 5 ,10 or even become a sponsor for an entire unit. If you do decide to sponsor an entire unit we will send you a special plaque from the unit together with the unit’s beret and pin.

To sponsor Water Packs click on the banner below or fill out the form and help us support those who are defending Israel.
water pack

You want to do more for IDF soldiers?
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