These IDF Soldiers Came Back From War, Then This Happened!

It is said that there are 3 things one must never talk about at a business meeting in Israel; politics, religion and soccer!
Politics in Israel is a very harsh subject and often causes vocal arguments that reach levels of verbal abuse.
There are religious and secular Jews, Ashkenazim, Sephardim, leftists and right wingers living in Israel and while we often disagree with each other when it comes to certain things, the IDF seems to be able to unite the nation.

A platoon came back from Gaza this summer exhausted both physically as well as emotionally. When they arrived back at their base, there was a group of Hassidic Jews (Breslov Hassidim) who were waiting for them and when the two groups met, this is what happened! This is what I call IDF BEAUTIFUL!

If you understand just how much IDF soldiers sacrifice to keep Israel safe and you are looking to do something to show your appreciation or just say a small THANK YOU, here is your chance! Standing Together travels to IDF bases across Israel and together with sponsors and volunteers from all over the world we run on base BBQs for soldiers who are leaving to or returning from operations or training exercises.  Help us support the men and women who are protecting Israel.

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Here’s what it looks like!

 Video produced by Natan Epstein

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