These IDF Soldiers Are Trained For Land, Sea and Air – Wait Till You See Why!

IDF Elite unit 669 was founded in 1974 following the Yom Kippur war. The unit’s original objective was to infiltrate enemy territory and extract and rescue downed IDF fighter pilots. Several years after the 669 elite unit was formed, the objectives changed and they included high risk rescue missions for Special Forces, Navy Seals and sailors in distress.

Here is a small peek into the world of 669. Hold on to your seats!


While most soldiers specialize in one specific area, 669 soldiers are trained in Special Forces tactics, combat medicine, parachuting course, Scuba Diving, counter-terrorism, rappelling, rescue tactics under the harshest conditions, navigation, and an extremely difficult commanders course.  Soldiers who volunteer for the elite 669 unit receive the most eclectic military training including air, land and sea tactics.

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669 Airborne Rescue mission training
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669 Rescue mission training












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