The Latest News from Gaza

Since the start of Operation Protective Edge, Standing Together’s hospitality trailer has been shuttling back and forth to the soldiers stationed around Gaza, bringing them food and drinks, apparel, equipment, and messages of support and love from our donors throughout the world.

With so many soldiers on duty in Gaza, it’s been a challenge to reach every soldier who has been deployed. Through our efforts, we have been able to reach over 15,000 soldiers, or more than a third of the soldiers currently stationed down south.

Untitled-1Standing Together has brought over 200 cases of ices to the soldiers. At 50 pieces per case, that’s over 10,000 ice pops that have kept our soldiers cool in the sweltering heat.

We’ve recently added a couple of blenders to the trailer so the soldiers can enjoy our own Standing Together Fruities, a blended drink with orange juice, ice and sherbet.

The Iron Dome batteries that protect communities throughout Israel are manned by dedicated and highly trained soldiers. Often, the batteries are deployed in remote locations to minimize damage from falling shrapnel. Due to its unique relationship with the IDF, the Standing Together hospitality trailer has been able to visit these soldiers who are doing an incredible job of defending our country.

irondomeWe go anywhere the army sends us, and our brave and eager volunteers are ready for the challenge of serving fifty or fifteen hundred soldiers at a time. On one particularly exciting trip, Standing Together got pretty close to the action! A helicopter hover just a hundred meters over our heads launched missiles into Gaza.

Unfortunately it hasn’t been entirely smooth sailing. Last week, our trailer suffered its own “injury.” As we were preparing to leave for the day, we noticed one of the tires was flat. Thankfully, it was nothing malicious, just a random occurrence. We quickly brought the tire to a puncture repair shop, and with only a short delay, we were once again up and running.

Don’t just sit around reading about it! Become an integral part of Operation Protective Edge today by donating to help us help the defenders of Israel, and join the thousands of supporters who have made a difference in the lives of those who make a difference in Israel.