Bringing Equipment to the Soldiers

Since the beginning of Operation Protective Edge, Standing Together has been leading the effort to bring the soldiers what they need. We work in close coordination with senior IDF commanders who we have made connections with over the years to make sure that soldiers are receiving the items and equipment that most benefit them. We have been making daily trips to the camps and bases surrounding Gaza with a wide assortment of things for the soldiers, graciously provided by our donors. Aside from the food and drinks that we regularly provide, there are pieces of equipment that we’ve been giving the soldiers that truly help them in their mission. Below are some of the more common items that Standing Together has brought to the soldiers.

Soldiers with multi-purpose toolsLED Headlamps
The tunnels that Hamas has built to infiltrate into Israel is indeed a disturbing turn of events. The IDF soldiers are being given headlamps, donated by our supporters, to clear out these dark tunnels and destroy them. In addition, crews loading tanks with ammunition were able to free up both hands

Knee Pads
Being in the field is tough on a soldier’s body, especially their knees. They are not issued by the IDF to every combat soldier, but are such an essential part of a foot soldier’s combat gear, they are typically purchased by the soldiers themselves. A pair of knee pads alleviates the pain and stress on the soldiers, and they are most welcome when we bring them out to them.

Dri-Fit T-Shirts
Sweat from the constant heat in the desert can quickly drench the soldiers, making their uniforms scratchy and uncomfortable. T-shirts made from a special material that whisks the sweat away from the skin makes it easier for the soldiers – weighted down with heavy combat gear – to spend extended time out in the heat.

Soldiers are on their feet most of the day, whether it’s on combat patrol or duties in camp. Having clean, dry socks is the most critical element of any soldier’s uniform. We bring the soldiers IDF regulation socks that are rugged enough to withstand the rigors of being worn in combat boots for extended periods of time, at the same time keep the soldier’s feet free from moisture.

Multi-Purpose Tools
For small fix-it jobs, these tools are invaluable. As a combination pliers, knife, can opener and other small tools, the soldiers treasure these handy little devices for all sorts of tasks, including keeping the rest of their equipment in good shape.

These simplest of all items are the most appreciated by the soldiers. We all know how bright the summer sun can be, but it’s the blowing sand that causes the most trouble for the soldiers, and it is these sunglasses that have made the difference. The soldiers who patrol the desert sands outside Gaza must remain constantly vigilant, and more than one have told us that it was their sunglasses that prevented a potentially tragic situation.

Through your donations, we are continuing to bring soldiers these and other essential equipment to help them protect themselves, the communities in the South, and throughout Israel.