Stairs for IDF Winter Gear

Climbing Stairs for our Soldiers:
Michael Rollhaus is dedicating his climb of the stairs in Azrielli Towers, all 147 floors, to our soldiers and we would like you to join forces with him and support our soldiers too.

Chilly nights are upon us again, and IDF soldiers are starting to bundle up when they’re on duty. Standing Together is once again inviting you to help us protect the Protectors of Israel with our annual warm winter clothing campaign. We’re starting off the campaign with IDF-approved polar fleece gloves. These gloves have a specially-designed index finger that minimizes exposure of the soldier’s hands to cold temperatures.

In the IDF, cold weather gear isn’t standard issue; soldiers are given the barest essentials and anything else they want, they have to bring on their own.* Not all soldiers have the means to purchase it by themselves. Join Standing Together as we purchase cold weather clothing and gear to distribute on army bases, to ensure the soldiers can continue their mission of protecting our friends, family and holy places throughout Israel.

If you would like to make a US tax deductible donation, make check payable to Central Fund for Israel and write Standing Together in the memo. Mail it to Standing Together, c/o Karen Erani DMD, 245 E. 63rd St. Suite 23c New York, NY 10065.

setThe Complete Package includes a waterproof fleece jacket, thermal undershirt, neckwarmer, gloves, 3 pairs of socks
set number 2The Essential Package includes a waterproof fleece jacket, gloves and socks

*Cold weather clothing needs to meet strict military standards. Standing Together is purchasing all items through an authorized military equipment dealer.

Please note:  This is done in cooperation with the Israeli Army and contents of the packages may change based on the needs of the soldiers.