Standing Together Has Full Approval of IDF

Globes, the Israel Business News site reported that the IDF is no longer permitting the free flow of food and gifts to the soldiers serving around Gaza. The IDF is concerned with the safety of civilians in the area as well as the quality of the food that is being brought. The IDF has stressed that donations should be channeled through Soldiers Welfare Association and the LIBI Fund.

The IDF is also seeking to maintain the safety of the many civilians traveling to the area near the Gaza Strip and the staging areas around there with gifts aimed at cheering up the soldiers. The packages include hot food, which the IDF is unable to preserve properly for long. A number of soldiers have complained of gastroenteritis caused by spoiled food.

Standing Together works in coordination with LIBI as well as the IDF Department of Health and the IDF Rabbanut, and will continue to be permitted to visit the soldiers.

Source: IDF irked by food, clothing donations to soldiers