March of Honor

It says in Parashat Bo, Perek 14 pasuk 51 that the Jews walked out of Mitzrayim an organized group which Chazal tell us means “as an Army” . This means that Pesach is the anniversary of the first Jewish Army. Standing Together has a grand plan for how to celebrate this momentous anniversary. We are planning a tremendous March of Honor and respect for our soldiers through the hills of Gush Etzion.
April 16, 2014 will be the first annual March of Honor for our soldiers. We invite everyone to participate in some way. If you are in Israel and can join us and the soldiers for this special march, there will be a registration form on our website in the next few days. The registration fee will be 90 shekel per family or 60 shekel for individuals with a suggested fundraising goal of 400 shekels.
If you are not in Israel or not available to physically join The March, you can join us by donating to the important cause. You can also help with publicity by posting about it on your Facebook page, local email list, twitter account, synagogue newsletter, etc.
The goal of this event is to show the soldiers in Israel how much we respect and appreciate all the sacrifices they make on our behalf. The IDF is always doing their best to protect Israel and her people and the least we can do is show them how much we appreciate it. Take this opportunity to let them know how much you care.