IDF, We Are People Before We Are Fighters

There is an old joke told by Jews that goes something like this, the nations of the world come before God and complain about his favoritism towards the Jewish people. They stand before God and say, “It is simply not fair what you have given the Jews! They have a beautiful land where they can travel a couple of hours up north and go skiing like in Switzerland or travel 3 hours south and snorkel in the sun! God, you gave them everything!” God then turns to the nations of the world and answers, ” Wait till you see the neighbors I gave them”.

There is no doubt that Israel is in a very tough neighborhood but Israelis are known as Sabras. The cactus fruit is full of thorns on the outside and anyone who tries to grab it will get cut. However, once you do get close, the Sabra is one of the sweetest fruits in the world. If it was just about being tough, the IDF would be able to handle it, but there is another factor here that differentiates the IDF from the militaries and Islamic terror organizations in the area; morality.


The only time Israel’s enemies take into account international law is when they are complaining about Israel’s reaction to their attack. 

IDF soldiers are trained with a very strong moral code of behavior. Even when there is a serious potential threat, IDF soldiers are prohibited from opening fire unless there is imminent danger and innocent civilians on the other side will not be affected. This would explain the number of air strikes the IDF called off in the Gaza war due to civilian presence.

So how were so many civilians injured and killed in Gaza?

There is no such thing as “so many” when it comes to innocent civilians killed in war, one is too many!

War is never a good thing and in no war will you have pictures of victims that will make you smile. War is always tragic and the damage that both the people and the countries that are involved in war sustain are always horrible to see. That is exactly the reason Israel has never initiated or looked for war.  That being said, the responsibility for the destruction and the tragedy that war brings should be put on the side that started the war and not the side that reacted to the attack.

Unlike our neighbors who have made clear their intentions to destroy the small Jewish State, Israel never seeks the destruction of any country or people and is never interested in war. Organizations like Hamas in Gaza and Hizbollah in Lebanon are very aware of Israel’s sensitivity when it comes to innocent civilians being injured or killed and that is exactly why they launch rockets from civilian areas as well as use human shields.

“I Support Israel’s Right To Defend Itself”

While Israel has spent millions of dollars on developing defense systems, Hamas has spent BILLIONS on attack missiles as well as digging terror tunnels to infiltrate Israel.
While Israel uses bunkers and shelters to shield its citizens, Hamas dug kilometers of tunnels and instead of allowing their civilian population to use them to keep safe, they used them for terrorist infiltration into Israel.

Hamas' priorities - tunnels vs. hospitals, schools


The fact is, any IDF soldier who targets innocent civilians or causes any harm to uninvolved bystanders or even injures an already apprehended terrorist is thrown in jail and charged with murder. Terrorists in Israeli jails earn degrees, get married and even are allowed to have children. I don’t think Gilad Shalit was given the same luxuries considering Hamas would not even give proof of life for 3 years!


The IDF (Israel Defense Force) is designed and trains to protect Israel while our enemy’s terrorist organizations and militaries are designed and trained to destroy Israel.
We fight because we are attacked, we win because we are moral.

good idf 3
IDF soldier treating a mentally challenged Arab who was chained to a fence by Hamas. Gaza 2014
good idf 4
Arab IDF soldier taking the time to say hello to his concerned mother.
good idf
IDF soldiers always willing to give a hand when there is no threat
good idf1
IDF soldiers giving their war rations to an innocent uninvolved Arab bystander who was caught in the fighting.

“If Arabs lay down their weapons there will be no more war. 
If Israel lays down her weapons, there will be no more Israel.”  

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