GIVATI, The IDF Soldiers Who Wear Purple Are As Tough As Nails

The Givati Brigade (literally “Hill Brigade” or “Highland Brigade” in English) is an infantry brigade of the Israel Defense Forces, and serves as its amphibious force. After a grueling basic training, Givati soldiers can be seen wearing their purple berets. The Brigade’s symbol is the fox, alluding to Samson’s foxes that were used when he fought the biblical Philistines (No connection to the Arabs that call themselves Palestinians). The Givati brigade was originally founded in 1947  and played a central roll in the 1948 independence day war. After the Sinai war in 1956 the IDF went under a complete reorganization  and the Givati brigade was discontinued till 1983 when once again, the purple beret was reinstated. Over the years Givati has been involved in many of Israel’s wars and operations, but what Givati is best known for, was their operations in Gaza, both before the 2005 disengagement and even more so afterwards including the recent Gaza operation in the summer of 2014. Here is a video from the recent Gaza operation where Givati soldiers uncovered weapons and explosives in Gaza that were to be used to murder Israeli citizens and soldiers.
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