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Former MK Rabbi Dov Lipman Endorses Standing Together

Standing Together is a remarkable organization which provides our IDF soldiers with the love, support, and enjoyment that they deserve.

New Truck in Memory of Ari Fuld HY”D Ari Fuld HY”D worked hard for the Jewish People and the Israeli Army.¬† One of Ari Fuld’s HY”D last

100,000 THANK YOUS

We invite you to take part in the largest Standing Together campaign: 100,000 Thank Yous to Israeli Soldiers (Chayalim). Our

Give Lone Soldiers The One Thing They Miss Most

It’s Saturday night and the center of town in Jerusalem is hustling and bustling with teenagers as well as with

This Purim and Passover

Unite with Israel by donating Holiday Packages to Underprivileged Israeli Soldiers Support soldiers who protect Israeli citizens and tourists day and