5 Things You Can Do Right NOW To Support The IDF!

At the age of 18 most Israelis are drafted into the IDF for 3 years. The transition between civilian life and comfort into at times life threatening situations is a difficult one to make. When parents say their goodbyes as they march into the IDF, they hope for the best and their hearts are filled with a mixture of emotions spreading from pride to concern.



When I drafted in 1992, I was known as a’ lone soldier’. My family was still living in the States and while the rest of the guys were saying goodbye to their parents, I felt my stomach flip like a wild washing machine but I clearly remember putting on the IDF uniform for the first time. A feeling of pride and  historic responsibility brought tears to my eyes and I knew in an instant that what I was about to embark on, was a miracle in our time. To think that just 80 years ago Jews were marching to their death like sheep to slaughter house, we have gone from victims to protectors of our people, land and religion!


Israelis who draft into infantry units are filled with motivation to give the best they can to defend Israel. When we go out on exercises that usually last through the night, we are challenged both physically and emotionally. Personal comfort is not at the top of our priority list as we know what we will be facing will take every bit of energy out of us.
Fortunately for us, Israel has developed the best weapons that help us win the battle against those who seek our destruction. It is not the guns or the planes that has won the wars for Israel, it is God, the IDF spirit and the Jewish (and those who side with us) ability and desire to survive no matter what they throw at us.

What Make An IDF Soldier?

When it comes to personal gear, the situation is a bit different. I am not complaining in any way, but the fact is, besides a couple pairs of uniforms, socks and boots, the rest is pretty much up to us. When it comes to the winter months, things get rough and soldiers who are able to, usually spend hundreds of dollars on buying personal gear that will help keep them as comfortable and effective as possible. I myself purchased everything from a personal operational water pack to Dry Fit  shirts for the summer months to socks and full winter gear for the cold and wet winter months. The question is, should the guys and gals who are putting their lives on the line to protect Israel really be the ones to have to pay?

Standing Together Means Supporting IDF Soldiers With Whatever They Need & Wherever  They Are!

Standing Together works together with high ranking officers from elite IDF units.
We get reports from the front lines in terms of what soldiers are missing and what they can use to make their service both easier and more effective. Standing Together orders gear that is accepted as IDF issue and receives special clearance to enter IDF bases. Besides the actual packages we deliver to IDF soldiers, the moral support they get from knowing that people around the globe are thinking about them and supporting them is priceless. I cannot describe in words the reaction we get when we show up at a base as a unit is coming home from a long and dangerous operation and we are there to greet them with everything from food ,drinks and gear that will make their next tour of duty easier and operationally more effective.

We Can’t Do It Without YOU!

The Standing Together team is working 24/7 for the IDF! Night and day we are constantly traveling to bases to deliver packages, traveling overseas to run parlor meetings and fundraising events and meeting with IDF officers. There is so much to do and so little time.

Our motto is 24/7IDF and we mean it! What Can You Do?

 Here are 5 things you can do to be part of the IDF without leaving your home:

  1. DONATE to the IDF Winter Gear Campaign . We will be sending operational winter packs to IDF soldiers
  2. Follow Standing Together on our FACEBOOK and TWITTER accounts. SHARE us with your friends and family.
  3. We will be traveling to the US over the next  months, run a parlor meeting or help set up a speaking engagement in your community
  4. Sign up for the Standing Together newsletter 
  5. Click on the IDF Tank Crew below and keep them warm during the winter!

God Bless Israel and God Bless the brave men and women of the IDF! 

IDF Winter Gear Campaign!

Keeping IDF Soldiers Warm & Fully Operational 


I spent the last two weeks speaking with IDF officers from different elite IDF units and we put together an operational winter pack that will keep IDF soldiers warm and fully operational in all weather conditions. Our goal is to supply 1,000 soldiers with winter packs and I can’t do it without you! Click on the DONATE button or tap on the IDF team below and support the IDF!