Reuniting Lone Soldiers With Their Families

Serving as a Lone Soldier in the IDF is physically difficult and emotionally challenging.
During IDF ceremonies when Israeli families are smiling with pride as their children swear into the IDF or
celebrate with them as they receive their IDF berets, the loneliness and homesickness of Lone Soldiers is heartfelt and intensified.

Each year we receive a myriad of requests from parents of Lone Soldiers who would like to be in Israel to accompany their
children as they complete the various stages of IDF training. Standing Together has started a special fund for parents of Lone Soldiers who cannot afford a flight to Israel. There is nothing more emotional than seeing Lone Soldiers reunited with their families as they graduate and finish different stages of their IDF training. Here’s your chance to give IDF soldiers what they miss most!

Single Parent Sponsor $2,000               Full Family Sponsor $4,000 (both parents)





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