This Is Why Standing Together Is Working 24/7 To Say Thank You To IDF Soldiers


It is impossible to describe in words the difference Standing Together is making in the lives of thousands of IDF soldiers. While international press channels and organizations are branding the men and women of the IDF in a negative way, we want to make sure they know they have hundreds of thousands of people who support and appreciate what they do for Israel.


IDF soldiers put their lives on the line for Israel, here is how you can say THANK YOU

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If this put a smile on your face and filled you up with a feeling of pride like it does for us, there are two things you can do right now to show your appreciation for IDF soldiers.

First of all, SHARE the video with your friends and family and let everyone know how important the men and women of the IDF are. Now it’s time to take our love for the heroes and put it into action.

With the Standing Together IDF Cool Down outings, we are reaching thousands of front line IDF soldiers and treating them to cool refreshments, cakes, ice cream, fresh pancakes and other signs of appreciation coming from around the world.
Please join us by sponsoring an outing or donating any amount so that we can continue saying THANK YOU to Israel’s heroes.

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If you would like to sponsor a full outing in honor or memory of someone, choose one of the options in the drop down menu. 

How Many Soldiers Do You Want To Sponsor?

Here is your chance to send IDF Soldiers a personal message!
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IDF soldiers in the comments below