Yom Haatzmaut 2016 IDF Celebration


Israeli soldiers run during training session at base near Ashdod

While Israelis traditionally light up their BBQs to celebrate Israel’s independence, IDF
soldiers who are protecting that independence are unable to celebrate with their
families. Every year Standing Together goes out in full force with hundreds of
volunteers and sponsors to ensure that IDF soldiers on duty will also be able to
celebrate. Standing Together travels to tens of bases across Israel and to thousands of
soldiers to serve up a family BBQ in celebration of Israel’s independence.

Last year we reached 5,000 soldiers and we hope to double that amount this year.
Estimated Cost inclusive of a BBQ, drinks and equipment for 10,000 soldiers = $100,000.
Cost of sponsoring an IDF unit BBQ that serves approximately 150 soldiers  =$1,500
You can choose any amount to partner up with us and help us get to as many soldiers as possible.
The cost per soldier is $10, let us know how many soldiers you would like to treat this Yom Haatzmaut

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