Winter 2012 is Coming!

The requests are coming in. Right now it’s a few times a week. As it gets colder at night here in Israel the calls from IDF commanders will be coming in faster and faster. They need warm clothing. The Army is in the business of life and death and spends most of their budget on things like artillery and equipment. The IDF provides the soldiers with a minimum set of warm attire for winter. Most of us would not settle for our children having the minimum necessary to prevent frost bite, but would want our children and ourselves to be comfortable, have that extra layer or slightly heavier blanket. The least we can do is provide the young men and women protecting Israel with extra thermals, blankets, gloves or fleece jackets. All winter long, Standing Together will be getting requests for warm winter gear and doing our best to fill those requests. We invite every synagogue, community, school and individual to help.