This Is What Happens When Terrorists Try To Stop Standing Together

The Standing Together’s motto is; 
IDF soldiers; wherever they are, whatever they need, we will be there for them!

trailer-1024x680The standing Together truck travels across Israel meeting soldiers in the field, coming back from operations, on their base or anywhere else they might be and we deliver everything from food, holiday packages, personal assistance for Lone Soldiers, letters of support and signs of appreciation from people all over the world.


Always and only with IDF clearance, Standing Together reaches soldiers in the most remote areas to deliver love and support from our partners and sponsors from all over the world. The Standing Together truck has been at the front lines during wartime to make sure Israel’s heroes know they have a strong backing of support. Nothing prepared us for what happened this past week in Gush Etzion.

This past Wednesday we planned to meet the Moskowitz family, who were visiting from  from Brooklyn, NY.  Abie Moskowitz recently turned 13 and for his Bar Mitzvah Chessed campaign he started a root funding Standing Together campaign to raise money for Mishloach Manot for IDF soldiers. The campaign was a huge success and family came out to volunteer with Standing Together to personally say thank you to the men and women of the IDF.

We were on our way to the soldiers when my IDF walkie talkie started reporting a terrorist attack at the Gush Etzion junction. We were on route and were 200 yards from the junction. The soldiers we planned to meet were the ones who were  on site where the attack happened. Our first concern and worry was for the soldiers themselves.

Thank God, no one was hurt and due to the rapid response of the soldiers on the scene, the terrorist was terminated.

See below for the live minute to minute on scene coverage of the attack

Will we get to the soldiers?
Will the family visiting  from the United States cancel because they are scared?
Should we cancel? 

The goal of terrorism is not only to kill, it is to instill fear in the public and I was certainly not going to ket that happen. I was adamant to get out to the soldiers and not let terror win!
I had an entire motivational speech ready to tell the family that were waiting at the Gush Etzion junction and was hoping I would be able to convince them not to cancel. When I arrived at the junction, I found the Moskowitzs waiting and eager to thank IDF soldiers. Not only was there no fear in their eyes, they were now super motivated to personally meet and thank the men and women who are constantly standing guard keeping Israel safe.  I asked Sherry Shayo Moskovitz if she was at all scared and the answer was a sharp “NO!” The entire family made it clear that NOW is not the time to run away and they were more determined than ever to show appreciation to the soldiers.

We drove right through the scene of the attack and with a turbo like determination, we made it to the soldiers.  We lit up the Standing Together griddle and the Moskowitzs got busy cooking up a storm.

Check it out!

The Moskowitz’s came to give a message of support to IDF soldiers, but their determination also gave a clear message to all those that seek our destruction, YOU WILL NEVER PREVAIL!

Here is the on the scene report 

We will continue to support IDF soldiers no matter where they are and with whatever they need. 

Where will you be for Pesach?
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