Standing Together Thanking Israel’s Maccabees; The IDF

There is nothing much worse than being stuck on base over the holidays. I remember being a Lone soldier in the IDF and as my friends were going home for the holidays or receiving packages, I felt that lone feeling come over me like a dark shadow.
The holiday of Chanukah is one of the most popular days in Israel. With the oil rich food to commemorate the miracle of the oil and the family meals and presents, Chanukah is loved by all. The story and miracle of Chanukah is about a group of proud Jews who stood up for the Jewish nation and the Land of Israel. Against all odds, we came out victorious and for that we celebrate.


It seemed a little strange that while the Jewish people were home celebrating, the modern day Maccabim, the IDF soldiers, are stuck on base. We at Standing Together did what we always do! If the soldiers cannot get out to celebrate, we will bring the celebrations to them!

We drove out in the freezing rain together with a group that came in from Mexico and we survived the IDF BorderPatrol unit with some hard core Chanukah celebrations.