Standing Together, Supporting IDF Like No One Else Does!

By:  Ari Fuld

Here is what Standing Together has been up to over the past couple of months as we supplied soldiers with everything from gear to food and even BBQs that were sponsored by people who love Israel and support the IDF.


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As an active IDF reserves sergeant, I can only say thank God that I have the opportunity to work for an organization whose only concern is to support soldiers wherever they are and with whatever they need.  When my unit came back from Lebanon in 2006 I was on the receiving end and felt the love and support coming from across the globe – and now, together with you, I have the chance to give back some of that support to other IDF soldiers.

Standing Together is in the height of our annual winter gear pack campaign.  We have already delivered thousands of  winter packs to front line IDF soldiers who will be serving during the rough freezing weather in Israel.  We still have many soldiers who we need to get to and we need your help. The men and women of the IDF put their lives on the line for you and now it’s time to show them we appreciate them for everything they do.

Sponsor an operational winter pack or an entire unit and join hands with the IDF to keep those who are protecting Israel warm and fully operational during the winter months.  If you will be visiting Israel and want to personally give out the gear, let us know, we will set it up! 



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Support The IDF Wherever They Are And With Whatever They Need!