Donate to Special IDF Unit


We are working to help out  an elite unit of the Combat Engineering Corps. They perform special engineering tasks, and they are responsible for assuring the provision of operational solutions. Among the many roles: making accurate demolitions, sabotage enemy infrastructure, preparation of explosives and bombs, handling explosives, neutralization of explosive devices, clearing minefields, locating and destroying caches, sub – surface and tunnels used for smuggling and bombs, and performing other special tasks. They do all these things while using state of the art and innovative technologies. This unit is responsible for developing means and methods in engineering, as well as to train fighters in the Engineers Corps.

The IDF spends all of the funds allocated to this unit on specialized training and engineering equipment and items that they deem less important, are left up to the unit to obtain or improvise.

Your financial help would make a tremendous difference to these brave young men. Donate here or send a check to Standing Together, PO BOX 1029 Efrat Israel and write Special Unit in the memo.

Obtaining the items that have been requested, for a 12 man team in this unit will cost approximately $5000 USD. If you give what you can towards this effort, together I hope we can make their important service that much more liveable for them.  If we receive even more funds we will help many more soldiers within this and other units.