Here Is Why I Salute The Men And Women Of The IDF

There are endless online sources bashing the men and women of the IDF.
As an active IDF reserves soldier in an elite paratroopers unit, I myself have been a victim of verbal abuse by anti-Israel activists as they called me everything from a Nazi to a baby killer.

IDF Trains NOT To Injure Innocent Civilians

In IDF training and especially urban warfare and anti-terror regiments, soldiers are taught to develop a very sharp eye for differentiating between innocent civilians (Jew, Muslim, Christian or anyone else) and terrorists.

The targets that we practice with are pictures of Jews, Arabs and random people.  Some are holding a gun or a bomb while others are holding a camera or another object and made to look suspicious.  IDF even uses the same person for two different targets with the only difference being that one has a weapon and one doesn’t, and it is expected and demanded that IDF soldiers develop the ability to terminate the threat without injuring the innocent and to accomplish this in a matter of seconds.

Here is a picture from Caliber 3, one of Israel’s top anti-terror training facilities.  Caliber 3 trains IDF special forces, police, anti-terror units, foreign military including the US Marines, Special Ops, bodyguards and SWAT teams.  The two targets are a picture of the same exact person with one small difference – one is a terrorist and one is a mechanic.




Soldiers are kicked out of IDF courses if they fail the final test and accidentally shoot civilians (targets) while defusing a hostage situation.
In this case the soldier passed with flying colors!



IDF, Like No Army In The World

What army in the world calls the house of a terrorist to warn innocent civilians that we are coming in to take out the threat?
We give up our position, take out the element of surprise and actually put our soldiers in danger so that innocent civilians do not get hurt or killed in crossfire.

Despite the fact that Israel’s enemies have absolutely no regard for human life (theirs or ours) and despite the fact that our enemies have stated that their hatred for Israel is based on a radical religious belief that does not allow for the same morals that the Western world accepts as normal, we in the IDF will uphold human dignity at all cost.


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Why Are There So Many Horrible Pictures On The Web?

War is a horrible thing.
War never produces beautiful peaceful pictures but only those of death and destruction.  When the Allies bombed Berlin and fought the Nazis, twenty times more Germans were killed than Allies and Berlin was in total destruction.  Does that mean that the Allies were wrong for fighting the Nazi regime with everything they had?  Of course not!

People are dying because of war and it is tragic no matter who it is.  Unfortunately, Israel’s neighbors have always chosen war over peace and hatred for Israel over their own well being.

While IDF soldiers are proud to fight and protect Israel, we wish we wouldn’t have to.
What is the recipe for peace?
Just stop fighting.
As Israel’s Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu once said,

“If the Arabs lay down their arms there will be no more war,
but if Israel lays down it’s weapons there would be no more Israel.”

The Israeli DEFENSE Forces is a responsive military force.  What that means is, we are always reacting and never initiating.  The IDF is never looking to kill anyone but we WILL NOT let anyone put Israel in danger and if you decide to try, the IDF will be right there to stop you.

It seems many people in the world have gotten used to the idea of Jews being the victim.  It is understandable since for 2,000 years we were beaten, expelled, murdered, gassed and abused and now that we have the weapons, soldiers and the power to defend and protect ourselves, it makes many people uncomfortable, especially those who want to destroy us.



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