Rosh Hashanah IDF Campaign Starts Right Here, Right Now


While millions of Jews around the world will be praying in the synagogue and celebrating the Jewish New Year, IDF soldiers will be on duty making sure Israel stays safe over the holidays. There are IDF soldiers who are choosing to stay on base over the holidays instead of spending it with their families and the reason they do so is horribly sad.

While in uniform, socioeconomic differences disappear. The IDF is the melting pot of Israel and where the gathering of Jews from all corners of the Earth meet and where our differences completely disappear.

It is when the soldiers are sent home that reality hits the less fortunate soldiers. There are IDF soldiers who choose not to go home for the holidays in order not to be a financial burden on their families. We at Standing Together cannot let that happen and neither can you!


A Succah For IDF Soldiers In Hebron


Help build a succah for IDF soldiers in Hebron