Rosh Hashana Cards for our Chayalim

This years Rosh Hashana cards are off to a great start!

When you send a card and a smile to IDF soldiers on duty the Rosh Hashanah, it will means a tremendous amount to the young men and women who sacrifice so much to keep Israel secure.

Rosh Hashana cards are just one of the many things Standing Together does to bring your suport and appreciation to those people protecting Israel. They are risking their lives, all year long, day and night to protect the Jewish Homeland. Standing Together is here to show that people all over the world care and are concerned about the young men and women protecting Israel.

In years past when we have printed out the cards and the list of communities all over the world that have participated it brings the soldiers to tears.  The strength that knowing that so many people care gives our soldiers is incredible.  Send yours today!