Preparing for Pesach 2011

This Pesach (passover) season, Standing Together has many initiatives going on to boost the morale of the Soldiers for this special time. During the holiday, the entire country of Israel is on vacation as well as the thousands of tourist that visit the Holyland. Our soldiers remain hard at work protecting our citizens and visitors. In order for them to realize that we appreciate their efforts, Standing Together is encouraging people all over the world to reach out to the soldiers by sending either a special kosher for Passover Package or Ice cream and chocolate which our volunteers will deliver.

We have been asked to provide special packages to boost the morale and show our gratitude to the soldiers guarding Joseph’s Tomb at this difficult time in history. Israel has unfortunately experienced many attacks lately and soldiers at Holy sites have been on high alert. These packages cost $45 each and we are looking for sponsors.

One of our newest projects is a Mini Seder for soldiers on patrol. With the support and blessings of the Commander of the Gush Etzion army bases, and the Rabbanut of the Army, we are preparing a special abridged version of the Hagaddah. Standing Together has asked local families to invite the soldiers who are on patrol on Seder night into their homes, provide the necessary seder items and a holiday meal. The soldiers will be able to partake in a Mini Seder and feel like they are with family even while they are working.

Pictures and video of exciting visits to soldiers will be available on facebook and our website soon.