New Projects This Summer

Lots of new initiatives from Standing Together this summer.  Many of you are on vacation but we assure you our soldiers are not.  The number of visitors to Israel requires increased secutiry everywhere and the IDF works hard to provide it.  Standing Together hopes to provide a record number of cold treats and cold drinks to offer relief from the hot sun and show our ongoing appreciation for these dedciated soldiers.

One of our new projects this summer is a Gemach (Free Loan Program) for Lone Soldiers. There is a large number of soldiers in Israel who give up a comfortable life in another country, move to Israel and volunteer to join our army.  They are paid a stipend which doesn’t even come close to covering basic expenses of city living.  Many of these “lone soldiers” receive help from back home but some do not.  The soldiers that don’t often struggle to find jobs that work with their military schedules and try hard to make ends meet.  Unfortunately they are not always successful and need a little help.  With your donations, Standing Together intends to be able to help these soldiers in a dignified, non beurocratic, way with loans that may help ease the strain. To donate to this project, click here.

Keep watching this space for more new and exciting projects from Standing Together.