Let’s Get Started!

Dear Bar/Bat Mitzvah Participant,

Mazal Tov on your upcoming Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Well done, you have chosen a very meaningful Mitzvah project to mark your transition into Jewish adulthood.

We know that you can think of many ways to raise funds for this special cause, like bake sales and car washes. Standing Together will help you to get your friends and family involved in contributing towards this cause too.

The idea is for this to be a grassroots campaign, where people give what they can and spread the word to their friends and family. Visit our Bar/Bat Mitzvah campaign on Root funding, login and click on create a branch campaign, set your fundraising goal to at least $1800. (We have had participants who were surprised by how easily they reached their goal.) Write a few personal words in the message box telling your friends and family about the Standing Together Projects, which you have decided to sponsor as your BMitzvah Tzedaka project. Be sure to tell them to click on Learn More to read all about Standing Together. Ask for their support to make this happen, load a few pictures of yourself, and send the message out to all your contacts. Let us know if you need help [email protected]. Send these messages out to your family and friends a few times throughout the year, whenever it is time for your next project; such as donuts for Chanuka or warm clothing for winter. In this way we can continue to provide tokens of gratitude to young soldiers in order to make their service more pleasant.

We would like to establish a Big Brother/ Sister relationship for you with a chayal/ chayelet who will keep in touch with you throughout the project. Your personal chayal can encourage you and help you to come up with ideas for making your campaign successful.

Click here in order to create your own personal Rootfunding BMitzvah campaign: http://www.rootfunding.com/campaign/standingtogetherbmitzvah. We have created a sample branch campaign to give you an idea of what we are looking for – visit http://www.rootfunding.com/campaign/1491
You can change the pictures and videos to your family if you like or leave them as they are and send your personal campaign message out to your mailing list.

Avinoam from Illinois said;
“Thank you Standing Together, this was the best Bar Mitzvah ever, celebrating with the soldiers.”

Stay in touch – please let us know how your Mitzvah Campaign is going.

Tizku l’Mitzvot (May you merit to do many good deeds)

David Landau.
Standing Together
[email protected]