In Their Own Words : An article from a volunteer

It was a cold Monday night when Rebecca Djanogly, Susie Cohen, Michaela Krantz and I went to volunteer with ‘Standing Together.’ When we pulled in to the army base, David’s trailer in tow, the atmosphere amongst the soldiers seemed gloomy and miserable as they braved the cold night to carry out their duties.
But as soon as we opened the trailer, loud Israeli music playing out of the speakers, and began handing out pizza toasts, energy drinks and hot, fresh popcorn to everybody the atmosphere completely changed. All at once the soldiers came back to life, smiling and talking to us about their lives, families and dreams for the future as they snacked on their food. It was amazing to see how something as simple as a smile and something tasty to eat could completely change how these soldiers were feeling. Together with the food we gave the soldiers a green heart shaped sticker with a message to them reminding them that the nation is behind them and that Israel and the Jewish people are deeply grateful for the way they defend our country on a daily basis. The stickers were greeted with delight, many of them sticking this badge of honour next to the one already sewed on to their uniforms. ‘Standing Together’ is an organization making a difference in a way unlike any other charity. By providing these soldiers with treats and encouraging the contemporaries of these young men to go and spend an evening with them at their base, ‘Standing Together’ is in a completely unique way contributing to the happiness of the brave young men who work to defend our country every single day.

Abby Caplin, Midreshet Lindenbaum